Stone Coat Shower Walls

Fix-it Frank is currently working on creating a shower where none existed before. I've written about this before, how we're building the shower pan, walls, curb and such using the Schluter System, a German company that has captured a sizable portion of that market by providing excellent products that make the whole process easier and faster. I won't go into the particulars of their system, but instead just know that it ain't cheap, but it's good.

What I'm really wanting to write about is how it's been going with this project. As far as Schluter being faster, perhaps if you've already completed several of them, but not on the first one. It would have been faster, although maybe not better, to just paint the walls with RedGard, or another rubberized paint-on membrane to waterproof the walls and floor. Getting the slope for the shower pan well made, from just concrete would be more involved than simply laying the Schluter Kerdi shower pan down over top of thin-set mortar. Shluter's Kerdi shower pan wins hands down - just unfold it and press it into the mortar bed, done. Painting the walls with a rubber waterproofing membrane is definitely easier than spreading thin-set mortar on the walls with a notched trowel, and then applying the Kerdi membrane to the walls (much like installing wallpaper), much harder than painting.

Shortly, as you can see I'm moving along with the tile as of today. I should be finished with the tile by some time tomorrow. I have a few more sheets to cut to size on the back and the right hand side, then the front, back and top of the curb. After that, I'll start to build the epoxy wall panels, which will look something like the two samples in the pictures here, floor to ceiling height. I think it will be stunning.

If you're putting in a new shower, please consider having us create custom decorative epoxy wall panels for you. This also if you decide to replace an outdated fiberglass shower enclosure. You'll not be able to find anything this stunning to replace it with, and the price is hard to beat. The other thing is that we can provide you with custom epoxy counter tops that rival the finest granite, marble or quartz, for a fraction of the price. We can also go directly over your existing counters, be they granite, marble, or even Formica - super cheap, and immensely beautiful. There's no contest here, go spend $50 to $150 per square foot on stone, or for around $30 get counters that rival the look and finish of those expensive monsters! The possibilities are nearly endless with our decorative epoxy. Call or text today to get scheduled. We're starting to get booked out farther, and you need to act quickly to secure your spot! You can also pull up our schedule directly on this website by clicking on the "More" tab at the top of the homepage, scrolling down to "Book Now". Just take the plunge, you'll be glad you did!

Fix-it Frank

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