Custom Epoxy Countertops and Shower Walls

We've got an exciting new product and service for you, our excellent customers - decorative epoxy! Transform your kitchen counters for a fraction of the cost of granite or marble, but end up with a similar beauty! Here's a sample of what we're offering:

This is another sample we created:

Both these samples were created for a project we're currently working on. We're adding a shower stall to an existing half-bath. Our customer is thrilled with the samples, and can't wait for the finished shower walls to be completed and installed. We've also just submitted a bid to do the same for another client, as well tiling the master bath floor and the hall bath floor and tub surround.

Would you like to upgrade your bathrooms with custom walls, floors, and/or countertops? Are you tired of your worn-out, 1970's or 1980's countertops in your kitchen? Is it time for a makeover? Does your kitchen need a facelift? Contact is today. Fix-it Frank LLC is the best source for getting your house in top shape, redoing your kitchens and bathrooms, repairing what's broken, remodeling your basement, and bringing your home into the twenty-first century!

Call us today, or click the button to set up an appointment!

Happy holidays from us to you!

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