A Shower, a Bucket, and a Cellphone

The other day, I was blithely working away on the creation of a new shower for a former coworker of one of my kids. I'm trying out a product by a German company that has made quite the inroad for itself in the US bathroom category, Schluter Systems. I was in the process of mixing up a second batch of their, really expensive, thin-set mortar, for installing a water barrier product over the existing walls. As I leaned over to fiddle with the stuff in the bucket, my cellphone decided that it wanted to join the Olympic Diving Team, and plunged headlong into the water bucket, adjacent to the mortar bucket. Now, I have almost always purchased a water-repellent, or even water-proof, case for my smart phones, since they cost almost as much as a really cheap car! My reaction was to immediately snatch the phone out of the water, and rapidly denude the thing. There really was only one way that the water could get inside the phone, and that being the headphone jack, which Google Pixels still have. I'm starting to think that perhaps Apple is on to something, despite griping by the otherwise devoted and fawning fan-base, that eliminating things that have always been part of the makeup of cellphones (like audio jacks) may be a liability. Cordless headphones are starting to look more appealing and less stupid to me now...

So why would I bother to even mention this little mishap, this little lapse of mental clarity? Because, I almost always follow a system for how I deal with certain things in my life, like my cellphone. I always (yeah, right) put my cellphone in my back, left pocket of my pants. This time, I put it in the front, left pocket of my zippered hoodie, leaned over, and plop, in it went. I won't make that mistake again! Unless I do... The thing is, good systems are a good thing, and we are purposely going through the motions to create good systems in our business. I can see that having systems in place that are well considered, tried and true, will only serve to make Fix-it Frank LLC a better company, for you! Life's little lessons CAN add up to great things, if we let them.

To that end, we are implementing quite a number of improvements on this website, including this blog. If you need a particular service, you can now click on the tab along the top that says "More". More will give you some options, including one that says "Book Online". There you'll see a number of services, a description of each and the ability to actually pick a time on our calendar to set up an appointment with us at your home, business, or such. This in an effort to streamline things for YOU, our most important asset! As time goes by, we will continue to refine and improve this site, our pricing, our services, our office and field staff, and more, to bring you world-class service, and services, that we hope will earn your best recommendations, and 5-star reviews.

Good systems are like a goldmine. More than just a drop in a bucket.

Fix-it Frank

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