A House Where Dreams Can Come True

It's 11:05 PM on a Tuesday night, and I decided to start a blog for Fix-it Frank LLC. My family is snoozing, but I've got a story to tell.

We started flipping houses, having wanted to dive into real estate investing for several years now. There's a local company, a "turn-key operation" that does it all for investors. That is, they are wholesalers, meaning that they find a property that looks to them like a good purchase, get it under contract, find a buyer, line up funding if needed, suggest repairs and upgrades needed to get the maximum profit potential, or "After Repair Value" (ARV). We didn't know much about flipping, although we obviously know quite a bit about remodeling and repairs, so we dove in head first.

The first acquisition was a Tudor house in Pleasant Ridge, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati. We were really thrilled to land this little beauty. Little did we know that it would take us 5 months to bring it to a place where we were really thrilled with the outcome. We removed wallpaper, patched the numerous cracks that were lurking beneath. The kitchen was gutted right down to the wall studs and ceiling joists, a wall between the kitchen and dining room removed and replaced with a monstrous beam, creating an open concept in what had been a very enclosed area. Water-damaged joists were removed and repaired, the results of multiple decades of leaky bathtub pipes. The upstairs bathroom had to be gutted completely, freeing us up to completely modernize it with a lovely tub/shower surround with tiles from Floor & Decor. New fixtures. New cabinets, new pulls. New beauty!

The first floor lacked a bathroom entirely, so we decided to add a half-bath, using a small portion of what had been a screened in porch, but had been converted to a heated office space a few years back. The results were phenomenal, bringing full functionality to an awkward floor plan.

Speaking of modernizing, the kitchen! This thing went from being sort of a holdover from a bygone era, where coal-fired cookstoves were the norm, to a modern chef's paradise, complete with granite countertops, a large island and copious cabinetry of the Shaker sort.

It took awhile, but in the end we sold this house, 2922 Mapleleaf, Pleasant Ridge, Ohio 45212, for a tidy sum. Team Fix-it Frank 1, failure 0!

If you have the notion that you'd like to remodel your entire house, your kitchen, a bathroom, add a patio or deck, or both, let us know. We'd be glad to create your dream! Just call today at 513-382-6895. We're waiting for you!

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